These 6 calendar ideas for 2021 will astonish you!

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Even with the unprecedented events in 2020 still running with a chance to become the new normal, people have been looking up to the next year with optimism. Hope is the only factor that keeps the world afloat now, and the colors of the upcoming year seem to be brighter than this somber year. As we near the end of the year that started off a new decade, bidding goodbye should be filled with more creativity and artistry. Calendars mark the dates for every year, and they guide us throughout every week’s events. Setting up a calendar for this new year should also have some substantial effort going into it. Apart from the time you invest, the designing of calendars calls for your creativity. Let us look at some of the best calendar designs for 2021.

1.      Blue Calendar 2021

The painted edges make this hand-bound block-calendar the best one to start the next year with. All the week’s dates and days printed over 365 pages also have the half and full moons listed in detail. With every passing year, the ideas and designs of calendars change. You need to have some concept for the upcoming year in order to set each page accordingly. Even when the years are long gone, calendars remain to remind you of the major events in life. Blue Calendar gives you that requiem to relive the best experiences.

2.      Typographic Tea-Advent Calendar

This calendar comes with ‘T’s on every date of the year. Each day has a different spice or potpourri filled in the solid black boxes to make the alphabet stand out. Such an idea has already been used in many places, but implementing it in a calendar would give the whole year a colorful impact.

3.      Agilender

A classic format of making calendars is to set up notes for every day. While most people prefer to keep a separate note for their purpose, the Agilender comes with yellow pieces of paper attached to all the dates, allowing the users to write notes on it. This can be a perfect choice for using at a workplace where employees can mark the dates and list down their duties.

4.      Easel

This desktop calendar sits on a mini easel. You could possibly find no better option for the cute embellishment to your table. It simply adds more motivation and vibrancy to your days with the inspirational quotes or sayings and the soft shades. Each month will have a different tablet.


5.      Risograph

If you are a lover of art and illustrations, this is the ideal design for your calendar of 2021. Vintage-inspired patterns and concepts with the seasonal hues of every month give the whole year a distinctly peppy look.

6.      Jupiter Calendar

Two research materials that lie inside of the vacuum-sealed foil come with a 12-piece poster series to illustrate the various moons over the year. The packaging of the calendar is classy with the black and white shades and standard shapes.

These 6 calendar ideas for 2021 will astonish you!
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